Other 3Rs Initiatives

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Forums & Workshops

AltTox A website dedicated to advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing through online discussion and information exchange

ASAT Assuring safety without animal testing

CAESAR Computer-assisted evaluation of industrial chemical substances according to regulations

ForInViTox Forum for researchers and regulators to meet manufacturers of toxicology test methods

RAINBOW Integration between in vivo and in vitro data data with computer-based modelling

SCARLET Structure-activity relationships: experts’ workshop in mutagenicity and carcinogenicity

START-UP Scientific and technological issues in 3Rs alternatives research in the process of drug development and EU politics


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International Research Initiatives

Hamner Institutes Program in Chemical Safety Sciences Developing toxicity testing strategies, dose response modelling methods, and quantitative analytical tools to increase the accuracy and decrease uncertainties in chemical safety assessments

Innovative Medicines Initiative Overcoming bottlenecks in pharmaceutical safety and efficacy assessment, knowledge management, and education and training

Institute for In Vitro Sciences Advancing alternative testing methods

Netherlands Genomics Initiative Operating a network of large-scale research centres and consortia that work on targeted programmes designed to generate societal and economic value from genomics

US Environmental Protection Agency NextGen Program Advancing the next generation of risk assessment

US Environmental Protection Agency ToxCast™ Program Developing a cost-effective approach for prioritizing the toxicity testing of large numbers of chemicals in a short period of time

US National Institutes of Health Molecular Libraries Program Enhancing chemical biology efforts through High Throughput Screening (HTS) to obtain small molecule probes effective at modulating a given biological process or disease state.

US National Toxicology Program High Throughput Screening Initiative Screening for mechanistic targets active within cellular pathways considered critical to adverse health effects in humans

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